It is absolutely insane how many amazing women have come into my life because of the Women’s March on Washington. The day of the march, this wonderful artist named Katie Pumphrey used Instagram as a platform to request assistance with holding her large scale art piece. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to meet her and hopefully work with her some day.

Like most of the women I’ve been meeting lately, Katie was super warm and welcoming in our direct message conversations. Finally we met at her studio, and she made me feel so comfortable. She shared her work with me, both in progress and completed, and I instantly fell in love with the paintings. The conversation was great, but I couldn’t help but get lost in the images hanging on the walls. Each brush stroke told a story, and the movement in her pieces truly drew me in.

When she told me that she was exploring mass and movement, I thought it would be perfect to collaborate with her on a photo shoot. I was particularly drawn to a painting of a school of fish, with swirls of blue and white. It was so hypnotizing, and I immediately thought, what if Katie represented flowers this way? Initially when I mentioned it, Katie shared that she hadn’t thought of using flowers before, so I did more research to make sure we could all benefit from this experience. I began searching for flowers that grew in clusters, or groups. The flowers became more like her other masterpieces, a more delicate version of the bulls she painted, smaller in scale and still powerful.

I created a list of flowers for her, and in honor of my Nonna’s favorite, I threw in a bird of paradise. To me, they represent movement with their elegant height and angles. I had just met Katie, but I had so much faith in her. I knew she was going to blow all of us away. I partnered with my photography sister, Kelsey Arrington and invited her to participate in a shoot where we would create a blend of paintings, photography, fashion, and beauty. We would call it “Floriography: The Language of Flowers,” and it would be perfect.

Katie loved the idea, and to my surprise, she got to work right away. She created a portfolio for me to transport the paintings to the photo shoot site, and shared this incredible beet dip with me while she created our contract. As busy as I was that week, all I could think about was getting this shoot started! I couldn’t wait to share our vision with the world! Kelsey’s amazing photographic eye literally brought my vision to life. She captured the movement of the paintings, my makeup artistry, and the models poses in such a short time. So incredible. Thank you. xoxo

Floriography, the language of flowers, is relative to the way the world views women. Regardless of our background, we all speak the same language: LOVE. We are powerful, beautiful, and necessary. We improve our surroundings, and there’s always more to us than what meets the eye. When we come together in a group, we are unstoppable. Our flaws make us stronger, and when we fall, we always bloom again. We face the sun, we bring cheer to an otherwise dull day, we are LIFE. Love your sisters, we all have something to offer, and we have to stick together. – Dayna Marie

Katie Pumphrey’s paintings explore mass and movement through color and mark making. In this particular series, Floriography, Katie investigates 12 different flowers and the mark making that defines them. There are 24 paintings total, 2 each flower, all 21″x24″, acrylic on paper.

For info on purchasing Katie’s beautiful pieces, please visit her website: http://katiepumphrey.com/

Peace and Love,

Dayna Marie

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