through rose colored lenses.

This weekend was so filling. I met new people, ventured into new areas of the city, took some amazing pictures, made some amazing connections, and really became more centered overall.

I had two photo shoots with two incredible women who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. I can’t wait until my photo book is complete, and I can share each of their stories with you. In the meantime, I plan to post pictures of my adventures in this beautiful city. D.C. is really full of surprises!

I was leaving my Sunday photo shoot and drove past the beautiful mural pictured above. Just before seeing it, I remember thinking “Wow. Gentrification is REAL. This neighborhood is completely different than it was when I was in college.” I almost felt a little heartbroken, and then I glanced up and noticed this enormous mural. I pulled over, put my car in park, grabbed my camera, and captured it in a single shot. WHILE talking on the phone! It was meant to be.

Another thing that was meant to be – while driving to meet my friend for dinner, I accidentally took the wrong exit. I’m always freakishly calm about that sort of thing, so I just laughed and said to myself “well maybe we can meet HERE instead”. Then I noticed the huge “Union Market” sign, and as I continued driving, I saw the love wall! I can’t even explain how my heart filled up with SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, as I am openly obsessed with all things “love”.

I parked again, and snapped these photos. What a beautiful contribution these hearts are to the community. As artists, we never realize how much our work can help someone else. This made my entire week! Spread love!

Peace and Love,

Dayna Marie