through rose colored lenses.

This weekend was so filling. I met new people, ventured into new areas of the city, took some amazing pictures, made some amazing connections, and really became more centered overall.

I had two photo shoots with two incredible women who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. I can’t wait until my photo book is complete, and I can share each of their stories with you. In the meantime, I plan to post pictures of my adventures in this beautiful city. D.C. is really full of surprises!

I was leaving my Sunday photo shoot and drove past the beautiful mural pictured above. Just before seeing it, I remember thinking “Wow. Gentrification is REAL. This neighborhood is completely different than it was when I was in college.” I almost felt a little heartbroken, and then I glanced up and noticed this enormous mural. I pulled over, put my car in park, grabbed my camera, and captured it in a single shot. WHILE talking on the phone! It was meant to be.

Another thing that was meant to be – while driving to meet my friend for dinner, I accidentally took the wrong exit. I’m always freakishly calm about that sort of thing, so I just laughed and said to myself “well maybe we can meet HERE instead”. Then I noticed the huge “Union Market” sign, and as I continued driving, I saw the love wall! I can’t even explain how my heart filled up with SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, as I am openly obsessed with all things “love”.

I parked again, and snapped these photos. What a beautiful contribution these hearts are to the community. As artists, we never realize how much our work can help someone else. This made my entire week! Spread love!

Peace and Love,

Dayna Marie


“I’ll have a blue Christmas without you…”

Christmas Eve, I had another great experience with the gorgeous Ashna. For this shoot, I got the opportunity to work with photographer Adam of Allusive Photos, and he picked the perfect setting!

This shoot was absolutely beautiful, and the energy was great as usual. We did makeup on a picnic bench while listening to Sia, then hiked through the woods to shoot Ashna in her fab mustard sweater against the vibrant golden leaves.

I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings, and I’m so grateful to have closed out 2016 with such a bang.

Life is good. Merry Christmas every one!


Dayna Marie


I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to work with for this photo shoot last Monday. Everyone’s energy was great, 80’s music was playing, and we were all so excited about creating even MORE in the future.

Ashna is beautiful inside and out, and after working with her, I KNOW that she is going to reach the moon. Suzanne was our INCREDIBLE photographer, and she did such an amazing job of keeping Ashna comfortable. She captured all of these stunning shots in just under an hour.

In our field, it’s rare to meet up with an entire team that’s got energy this special. I can’t wait to work with them again, and I’m DYING over these gorgeous images!!

Oh, and YES! That is the Pat McGrath #Lust004 lip kit you see! It was dripping, (yes, dripping!) but I was right there with a Q-Tip between shots! Girl power!

I love what I do. I can’t wait to share what we do next!


Dayna Marie

Model: Ashna

Photographer: Suzanne

Makeup Artist: Dayna Marie


Girls can do was an incredible experience.

I heard about it at the very last minute, and signed up to assist with serving the girls snacks and lunch. When I arrived, I learned that one of the photographers cancelled, so I was asked to take photos of the event. The seats of Warner Theater were covered with white “Possibility Thinker” tees for girls to take home, and the girls filtered in as the awesome teen DJ played upbeat pop music to welcome everyone.

The women and girls that I met were so inspiring. From the start, I knew this event would be memorable, because the girls were so young yet so talented. Marley Dias, for example, started the #1000blackgirlbooks mission, and has collected over 4,000 children’s books with black girls as the main character. She is SO mature, and SO balanced, just listening to her talk made me feel pumped to do great things too!

I also met a remarkable young woman who has a passion for photography, and is hearing impaired. Her interpreters (equally amazing women) helped us to communicate during the show and make sure that we didn’t miss capturing any amazing moments.

Divinity Roxx, a SUPER talented bass player was a pleasure to meet. Her energy is off the charts, and she was so empowering. The girls were so excited and jumped out of their seats everytime she started playing her bass guitar. I have plans to interview her for another project in the future, so stay tuned for that!!

I met so many women that I plan to keep in touch with at this event, and I’m so grateful to have found out about this. I plan to participate annually, and next year will attend as a speaker. I want to show girls that no matter what route you take, you can always get what you want out of life, no matter what anyone tells you! If you are a possibility thinker, you will reach the stars!


Dayna Marie