I am Trinity.

I have created a blog called “#IAmTrinity,” which showcases a different Trinity Washington student every Monday. I will be posting these women’s stories about their journey at Trinity, plans for after graduation, and words of wisdom along with their photos.

My goal is to build confidence, encourage friendship, and show prospective Trinity students that we are a university that celebrates the diversity and gifts of all students.

In President McGuire’s email to the Trinity community titled, “Unity, Support, Advocacy: Our Challenges After the Election” she wrote, “Trinity stands for the dignity and worth of women, and we still promote the education and advancement of women’s leadership as our primary goal.” In this response to the presidential election, President McGuire reminded us that Trinity will remain a place where students will be armed with the best possible knowledge and skills to exert leadership in all communities and workplaces they will influence for years to come.

In honor of her empowering and caring words, once a week a different Trinity student from the College of Arts and Sciences will be given the chance to share her Trinity journey, her goals, and her words of wisdom. As a Trinity student, you ARE Trinity, and your voice matters. – Dayna Marie Hood, ’18 Journalism and Media Studies Major

To read about all of these amazing women, please click HERE.

Peace and Blessings,

Dayna Marie